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This page is dedicated to pen's made from my work!

This is the pen that started it all! While the date contradicts when it was originally made, this all started around the beginning of the year 2010. I have since changed the look of the quarter blank design to be cut out using a scroll saw, hence the pictures below this.


              ~South Carolina Tru-Quarter™ Majestic Jr Rollerball~

                                                  Pen turned by: Jonathon Brooks(Brooks803)



                   ~Pennsylvania Tru-Quarter™ Jr Statesman Rollerball ~

                                                           Turned by:  Mark Detrick (MarkD)




                   ~Tru-texas™ carbon fiber sierra~

                                                           Turned by: Wizard (Shreenath Doctor)

                           ~a river runs through it~

 Jr Gent II Fountain Pen with an Oregon Tru-Quarter™ upper barrel and an Oregon native hardwood lower.

Turned by: Heath Riley

                            ~Marksman fountain pen~                                                                   www.marksmanpens.com                                     

            ~South Carolina Tru-Quarter™ Marksman Fountain Pen~

                                                 Turned by: Jonathon Brooks(Brooks803)

~Washington Tru-Quarter™ on a Jr. Statesman Rollerball~

            ~Washington Tru-Quarter™ Jr Statesman Rollerball~

                                                             Turned by:  Dick Peterson (Whaler)

~Presidential Gold Tru-Dollar™ coin over Army D.C.U.'s~

        ~Presidential Tru-Dollar™ Coin on Army DCU's  Jr Gent II Rollerball~ 

                                                           Turned by: Seamus Rooney (seamus7227)

Texas Tru-Quarter™ D.F.P.S. Elegant~

                       ~Euro Texas Tru-Quarter™ DFPS Ballpoint~

                                                                    Turned by: Seamus Rooney

Michigan Tru-Quarter™ over Carbon Fiber: Fountain Pen

           ~Michigan Tru-Silver Proof Quarter™ Jr Gent II Fountain Pen~

                                                                   Turned by: Eric Beuker (Buzzzz4)                                                                                                                             

                       ~A penny for your thoughts!~

 2011 Lincoln head penny (heads and tails) cast over Carbon Fiber in a Luxurious Resin.

Pen turned by: Jennifer Rogal(Pioneer Pens)

~2012 Australian pen swap~      Tru-Florin™

Pen Completely made by: Seamus Rooney

  Featuring a Bock© Nib

~Tru-Tx Quarter™ Duo~

 ~Standard Tx Quarter/Flag  

                                                      ~Purple Tx flag/Quarter blank

                                                Pens turned by: James Pyle