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This page is dedicated to pen's made from my Tru-Quarter™ blanks  by friends!

This is the pen that started it all! While the date contradicts when it was originally made, this all started around the beginning of the year 2010. I have since changed the look of the quarter blank design to be cut out using a scroll saw, hence the pictures below this.


              ~South Carolina Tru-Quarter™ Majestic Jr Rollerball~

                                                  Pen turned by: Jonathon Brooks(Brooks803)



                   ~Pennsylvania Tru-Quarter™ Jr Statesman Rollerball ~

                                                           Turned by:  Mark Detrick (MarkD)




                   ~Tru-texas™ carbon fiber sierra~

                                                           Turned by: Wizard (Shreenath Doctor)

                           ~a river runs through it~

 Jr Gent II Fountain Pen with an Oregon Tru-Quarter™ upper barrel and an Oregon native hardwood lower.

Turned by: Heath Riley

                            ~Marksman fountain pen~                                                                   www.marksmanpens.com                                     

            ~South Carolina Tru-Quarter™ Marksman Fountain Pen~

                                                 Turned by: Jonathon Brooks(Brooks803)

~Washington Tru-Quarter™ on a Jr. Statesman Rollerball~

            ~Washington Tru-Quarter™ Jr Statesman Rollerball~

                                                             Turned by:  Dick Peterson (Whaler)

~Presidential Gold Tru-Dollar™ coin over Army D.C.U.'s~

        ~Presidential Tru-Dollar™ Coin on Army DCU's  Jr Gent II Rollerball~ 

                                                           Turned by: Seamus Rooney (seamus7227)

Texas Tru-Quarter™ D.F.P.S. Elegant~

                       ~Euro Texas Tru-Quarter™ DFPS Ballpoint~

                                                                    Turned by: Seamus Rooney

Michigan Tru-Quarter™ over Carbon Fiber: Fountain Pen

           ~Michigan Tru-Silver Proof Quarter™ Jr Gent II Fountain Pen~

                                                                   Turned by: Eric Beuker (Buzzzz4)                                                                                                                             

                       ~A penny for your thoughts!~

 2011 Lincoln head penny (heads and tails) cast over Carbon Fiber in a Luxurious Resin.

Pen turned by: Jennifer Rogal(Pioneer Pens)

~2012 Australian pen swap~      Tru-Florin™

Pen Completely made by: Seamus Rooney

  Featuring a Bock© Nib

~Tru-Tx Quarter™ Duo~

 ~Standard Tx Quarter/Flag  

                                                      ~Purple Tx flag/Quarter blank

                                                Pens turned by: James Pyle