TRU-QUARTERS TRU-QUARTERS New Jersey State Quarter This is the cut out of the New Jersey State quarter. 125177484 Delaware State Quarter Here is how the Delaware State Quarter looks after delicately being scroll sawn today! The front legs where a doozy 125581463 Connecticut State Quarter This is the Connecticut State quarter cut out using a Dremel scrollsaw. 125855772 Wisconsin Quarter Wisconsin Tru-Quarter 129560758 Texas State Quarter Texas Tru-Quarter 132480041 OKLAHOMA STATE QUARTER This is the second hardest quarter for me to cut out! However, I am extremely pleased with the outcome! 134334854 Ohio State Quarter Probably a tie for first (with Indiana) for the hardest quarter detailing to cut out! 136447636 Oregon State Quarter This quarter looks fantastic in front of a blue background! Crater Lake really stands out. 136447637 Kentucky State Quarter Even the fence is cut out!! 136447639 Michigan State Quarter Silver Proof This is a real Silver Proof (MS-63) quarter that I cut out the Great Lakes from and applied to Carbon Fiber on a tube and made a Pen out of! The scratches visible in the picture disappeared upon casting! 136447640 South Carolina Quarter This may look like a duplicate, but I have actually cut out the areas around the bird legs and branches! 137155145 Virginia State Quarter I took this quarter beyond the scope of standard cutting and was able to remove the area between the guy lines on the lead ship! 136447642 New York State Quarter New York Tru-Quarter 137068886 California State Quarter California Tru-Quarter 137255065 South Dakota State Quarter South Dakota Tru-Quarter 137602930 Maryland State Quarter Maryland Tru-Quarter 138386153 Kansas State Quarter Kansas Tru-Quarter 138386154 Pennsylvania State Quarter Pennsylvania Tru-Quarter 138907070 Maine State Quarter Maine Tru-Quarter 138906971 Nevada State Quarter Nevada Tru-Quarter 139384145 Montana State Quarter Montana Tru-Quarter 139384146 North Carolina Quarter North Carolina Tru-Quarter 141265567 Alaska State Quarter Alaska Tru-Quarter 147064249 West Virginia State Quarter West Virginia Tru-Quarter 147064250 Texas State Quarter Texas Tru-Quarter(cutout) 147064251 Arizona State Quarter Arizona Tru-Quarter 147064252 North Dakota State Quarter North Dakota Tru-Quarter 149623347 Indiana State Quarter Indiana Tru-Quarter 149623348 Louisiana State Quarter Louisiana Tru-Quarter 149623349 Arkansas State Quarter Arkansas Tru-Quarter 149623684 New Hampshire State Quarter New Hampshire Tru-Quarter 149623685 Utah State Quarter Utah Tru-Quarter 149696506 Washington State Quarter Washington Tru-Quarter 149696507 Missouri State Quarter Missouri Tru-Quarter 152380823 Hawaii State Quarter Hawaii Tru-Quarter 152660184 Vermont State Quarter Vermont Tru-Quarter 152658904 Georgia State Quarter Georgia Tru-Quarter 152662087 Tennessee State Quarter Tennessee Tru-Quarter 152660185 Rhode Island State Quarter Rhode Island Tru-Quarter 160944186 Massachusetts State Quarter Massachusetts Tru-Quarter 161436434 Colorado State Quarter Colorado Tru-Quarter 168951607 Mississippi State Quarter Mississippi Tru-Quarter 174773538 Minnesota State Quarter Minnesota Tru-Quarter 174773539 Idaho State Quarter Idaho Tru-Quarter 174773540 Florida State Quarter Florida Tru-Quarter 184870134 Illinois State Quarter Illinois Tru-Quarter 184870135 Nebraska State Quarter Nebraska Tru-Quarter 184870436 District of Columbia District of Columbia Tru-Quarter 184870437 New Mexico State Quarter New Mexico Tru-Quarter 184871078 Wyoming State Quarter Wyoming Tru-Quarter 184871079 Iowa State Quarter Iowa Tru-Quarter 184871264 Alabama State Quarter Alabama Tru-Quarter 184871265